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Eljay Dungca

Hello, my name is Eljay and am so excited to be this year's VP Academic! Ask me anything related to Academic Events and I will be sure to reach out as soon as possible! I am also the Finance Delegate for JDC West, and am beyond excited to represent Team Sasky! I enjoy watching movies, gardening and budgeting. So if you realize that your personal finance is getting out of control and needed help, then I'm your gal! If you needed some spinach, tomatoes or lettuce, then depending on my gardening inventory, I will considering sharing the vegetables. Can't wait to meet everyone around the campus. Hopefully.



Academic Events Director (AMI and Women's Day)

Hello everyone! My name is Nehi, and I am so excited to join EBSS this year and be a part of the Academics portfolio. I am a second year Accounting major from India, preparing myself for a Co-op placement next year. As one of the AMI and Women’s Day Directors, I am really looking forward to organizing fun events for everyone. Apart from school, I like to dance, chill with friends, watch Netflix and go for long walks by the river! I always enjoy meeting new people and making friends. So, feel free to send me an email or connect with me on LinkedIn and Instagram. I hope you all have an amazing year ahead and cannot wait to meet you all in future EBSS events!

Hey y'all! I'm Olivia, and my pronouns are she/her. I'm originally from Melfort but moved to the big city to fulfill my big dream of being a management major lol. I am super excited to be back on the EBSS this year as one of the Major Introduction and Women's Day Directors. In addition to going to Edwards, I am also a dance instructor in a small town outside of Saskatoon, which keeps me busy a few nights a week. I am passionate about all things bread, Game of Thrones, and puzzles. Not gonna lie, that makes me sound boring, but if any of these topics interest you, hit me up. I am wishing you all the best this year with your schooling and wellness. Can't wait to meet you all!



Academic Events Director (AMI and Women's Day)



Academic Events Director (Edwards Case Competition and Academic Partnership Appreciation Night)

Hi there! My name is Nouha, and I am really looking forward to being one of your Academic Events Directors this year! I am a second-year student, and this is my second year on the EBSS. I will be planning the Edwards Case Competition (ECC) and the Academic Partnership Appreciation Night (APAN). You will be my favourite person EVER if you make a team for the ECC!!! Aside from the EBSS, I am the VP Corporate Relations for JDC West Team Sasky and an Entrepreneurship Delegate. I love discussing anything related to emerging technologies and meeting new people, so please do not be a stranger if you ever want to share cool insights, or just talk about life in general! See you around campus (hopefully)!

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Academic Events Director (SBTA Case Competition)

Hello! My name is Abdu and I am in charge of planning SBTA this year. This is my second year on the EBSS, and I am very excited to work with everyone! I love talking about case and entrepreneurial ideas so if you have any, please reach out! Hopefully everyone can have an amazing upcoming school year, and I am excited to work alongside everyone this upcoming year!

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Academic Charity Director

Hi everyone! I am Vince Ocampo, a third-year Marketing student and this years' Academic Charity Director. Though it is my first year at EBSS and my position is fairly new — it is my honour to help and bring fantastic events that will enrich our university and our outreach partners. When I am ignoring my school works, I am most likely at the mall going shopping or at my house slacking and taking a nap. I also enjoy watching crime-related and horror movies and travelling! An interesting fact about me is that I have only been here in Canada for almost 5 years coming from the Philippines. If you do see me in campus, please say hi and we can chat about school and life. That being said, I am thrilled to see what my first year at EBSS brings me and even more excited to see you all in campus!

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Case Competition and Conference Director

Hey fellow Edwards Students! My name is Michael, and I am this year's Case Competition and Conference Director. This is my 2nd year on the EBSS and my 3rd year at Edwards. In addition to the EBSS, I am also an Entrepreneurship Delegate on the Edwards JDC West Business Team. When I am not busy studying (which is not very often) you can catch me wandering the Edwards hallways wondering why the balance sheet does not balance, hanging out with friends, or beekeeping (its pretty sweet). I also love playing piano and trumpet so I'd always be down to talk music. If you are interested in attending a case competition/conference this next year and looking to gaining some experince in this area, we will have several different competitions and conferences going on, so watch the EBSS social media pages for that. I'd love the chance to get to know you, so send me an email or connect with me on LinkedIn. Have a great year everyone. Cheers!:)

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Mentorship Program Director

Hello! My name is Hannah Peng, and I am the Mentorship Program director for this year. I am a third-year accounting student, and this is my second year with EBSS. The mentorship program provides first-year students with the opportunity to interact with other Edwards students. If you have any questions about the program, feel free to reach out to me. In my free time, I like to watch Netflix and food vlogs. I ca’t wait to meet you all at wonderful events offered by EBSS. Have a good year!

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TASTE and Scholarship Program Director

Hello everyone! My name is Jason, and I am the TASTE and Scholarship Program Diretor for this year. If you ever see me in the halls, the library, or virtually online, feel free to say hi and start up a short conversation. As the director for the Take a Student to Eat (TASTE) program, I will be running a networking event where students get to connect over lunch with representatives from various businesses. The students get to make valuable connections, and the businesses get to meet potential future employees by, well... taking them to eat. Also, as the Scholarship Program Director, I'll be combining my interests in finance and computer science to program an online tool that helps students find and get scholarships. I'm super excited and optimistic about the upcoming year, and I wish everyone a happy 2021-2022!



Lunch N' Learn and Handbook Director

Greeting! My name is Huy Hieu, but you can call me Jake, and my pronouns are he/him. I'm very excited to be this year's Lunch N' Learn and Handbook Director. So yes, if you are reading this, I have successfully completed half of my tasks! For the rest of the term, I will be working on Lunch N' Learn, which I am so excited about. Our Lunch N' Learn sessions are your opportunity to network with business professionals, gain insights into the current business world and get free food - a "Win-Win-Win" I'd say. That's said, here are some fun facts about me: I'm an international student from Vietnam, and my favorite food is Vietnamese food; I love video games and I'm a big Resident Evil fan (please hit me up if you are too!); my favorite TV show is The Walking Dead; & my favorite artist is Ariana Grande. Also, I'm usually shy so please bear with me when we first meet. Finally, I wish you a successful and fun 2021-22!

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Academic Resource Co-ordinator

Hello everyone. My name is Julian Abrametz. I am a third year Operations Management student at the Edwards School of Business. This is my second time on the Edwards Business Students Society. I am more than honored to be your Academic Resources Coordinator. I was born and raised in Yorkton Saskatchewan. I will tell you a little bit about myself. During school you will usually find me studying, doing homework, and just chatting with friends and staff of the school. In my spare time I like cooking, baking, watching Netflix or Crave, fishing, camping, and going for a cruise and spending time with friends and family. I also love music. I love everything from 1920s music to the music of today and beyond regardless of genre. I especially love collecting vinyl records. I look forward to working on EBSS this year. I want to help make this school a better place for everyone. I am passionate about this school, university and EBSS. I hope we can be back at the school in the fall.