Hello Edwards! I am back on council for the third time, this year as VP Academic. This will be my fourth year in Edwards, and I am a Human Resource major. Don't believe what you read on usask confessions, HR is important --The SEA is not just for swimming people! Anyway, I am currently binging Call the Midwife on Netflix and (not so) patiently waiting for the next season of The Crown to come out. When I'm not watching netflix I am usually sewing, cross-stitching, or getting lost in a youtube wormhole. HMU if any of those activities tickle your fancy, if you want to know more about EBSS, or if you need me to read your resume. Have a great year and remember to flaunt your charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent 24/7.


VP Academic

Kali Stocks


Hey all! My name is Breanna Pochipinski and I am your Internal Case Competition and Academic Partner Appreciation Night Academic Events Director, or ICC and APAN Director to keep it simple. I am a third year marketing major, and the Social Media Coordinator for the Marketing Students Society. I’m super excited to be on the EBSS this year for my second year. For a little bit about me: napping is my one true passion, I am a pretty good baker, and I love to travel to new places. I have the uncommon pet of a gorgeous lovebird that I adore with all my heart. I am rarely on campus but if you happen to see me don’t be afraid to say hi!



Internal Case Competition & Academic Partnership Appreciation Night

Breanna Pochipinski


Hey Edwards! My name is Shafa and I am a third-year Accounting Major. It’s my first year working with the EBSS and I look forward to an amazing year. I am an international student and love to meet new people. If you need help with studies or just need a friend to talk to, feel free to reach out to me. I love reading, painting, dancing, cooking and bowling. And if you're feeling low, I might be able to cheer you up with a joke or a magic trick. I enjoy long heart-to-heart conversations. One of the most important things that I have learnt is to take risks, embrace change and see where life can take you. I constantly find myself trying to balance studies, work and volunteer activities while having an amazing university experience.


Academic Events Director - Shadow Program & International Women's Day Event

Shafa Akbar Virani


Hello fine people of Edwards! My name is Geni and I will be the TASTE director for the upcoming year! If you want to meet with business professionals in your area of interest and get a FREE lunch, then I can hook you up! This is my second year on the EBSS and I am looking forward to all the fun events we will be offering this year! I am entering my third year at Edwards, majoring in marketing. If you enjoy watching super bowl commercials as much as I do, let me know and we can critique them together! Besides studying, I like to procrastinate by planning my next vacation destination! I am very open to suggestions (preferably somewhere that is not -40 degrees), so send them my way! Cheers!


Academic Events Director - Taste & Handbooks

Geni Witdouck


Hey-o! I'm Shreya, your average Phys-Pharm grad turned Accounting student. I'm in my last year of school and excited to be on EBSS for the first time as the Case Comp & Conferences Director! I'm coming off of a co-op term at a Big 4 firm, so if you have any questions about co-op or recruitment, let me know! I love coffee, and memes -- if it's memes about coffee, even better! In my spare time, I'm involved with the Accounting Club, the Saskatoon Community Foundation, and run a social media community called Living YXE!


Case Competition and Conferences Director

Shreya Pahwa


Hey everyone, Peyton here! You may remember me as the previous Social Media Director for the EBSS, and I am back again for another year- this time as the Team Development Director! With this position, I will be helping choose students to be sent by the EBSS to various case compeititons and conferences throughout the year, and coaching and mentoring those who are chosen! I am currently a fourth-year Management Major, who also will be a back for year two with JDC West Team Sasky, this year on the Business Strategy Team! I am so excited to meet all of you, and encourage any student who is interested to apply for all the awesome case compeitions and conferences that the EBSS offers! My hobbies include traveling, snowboarding, swimming, horseback riding, golfing, and just living life to the fullest! Often times you'll catch me in the Tims lineup, ensuring I get my daily dose of caffeine- so if you see me, don't hesitate to introduce youself or stop to say hi!


Team Development Director

Peyton Turcotte


Hello everybody my name is Julian Abrametz and I will be your Lunch & Learn Director for this upcoming year. I look forward to meeting lots of the staff and students around Edwards this year. I wish everyone the best of luck this upcoming school year!

Lunch & Learn Director

Julian Abrametz


Well hello there! My name is Taylor Keller and I am starting my second year in Edwards. I am super excited to be starting my first year with the EBSS as the scholarship director, which is a new position also starting this year. If you need help finding scholarships or figuring out applications, I am at your service. I am also open to discussions about upcoming horror movies or new music recommendations, and I’m always ready to play a game of League, so please don’t hesitate to say hello! I am big book nerd, my favourite authors are Stephen King and George R. R. Martin, but I also enjoy reading cheesy teen novels too. If you want a variety of hidden rick roll links, I got you covered. I cannot wait to see all of your lovely faces around campus.


Scholarship Director

Taylor Keller