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Jason Monette

VP Academic

Hey everyone! My name is Jason, and I’m your VP academic for the year. I’ll be working with my directors to organize various academic events and programs throughout the year including the TASTE program, Lunch & Learns, Edwards Case Competition, and more! If you see me in the halls, don’t be shy to say hi!


Vince Ocampo

Academic Events Director

Hi everyone, I am Vince and my pronouns are he/him. I am one of your Academic Events Director for this school year and more than excited to be part of the Academic portfolio for the second time around. I am on my last year of undergrad being a Marketing major. In addition to EBSS, I am also part of MSS, IBSS, and JDC West, which keeps me pretty occupied during the week. I love meeting new people so please don't be a stranger when you see me around campus. Feel free to approach me and we can chat about school and life.

Randall Sabo

Academic Events Director

Hi! My name is Randall and I'm a third-year finance major. This is my first year on the EBSS, and I am looking forward to planning two amazing events for the Academic Portfolio. In November, Vince Ocampo and I will co-host the first semester Edwards Case Competition (ECC). In the winter term, I will host Academic Partnership Appreciation Night (APAN). I am delighted to have the opportunity to enhance the student experience through these events, and I look forward to meeting many of Edwards' excellent students.


Hannah Walker

Academic Resource Director

Hi everyone, I’m Hannah and I am your Academic Resource Director for the upcoming school year! I’m a fourth year marketing major planning to finish my undergrad in April 2023. I’m so so excited to step into my role on the academics portfolio; along with compiling the student handbooks for this year, I’m blessed to have the opportunity to collaborate with the exceptional YWIB club to organize the international woman’s day gala in March. The things I care deeply about include coffee cups, reading, going for runs, and Taylor Swift’s discography. I’m looking forward to a great year with EBSS!

Ysabel Nicole Taruc

Case Competition & Conference Director

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day so far! I am Ysabel Nicole Taruc, one of the Case Competition and Conference Directors for this academic year. This is my first year in the EBSS, third year at Edwards, and fourth year in Canada. I love dancing and singing, creating art, doing embroidery, and binge watching (mostly horror, crime, mystery, and thrillers)! We are definitely looking forward to opening as many case competitions and conferences as possible for everyone to join, so follow us on our social media pages and stay tuned. And if you happen to pass by someone who looks like a lost or confused high school kid, please do say hi because there's a high chance it is me and we can chat about almost anything under the sun. Have a great rest of your day and God bless!


Maisy Lyke

Case Competition & Conference Director

My name is Maisy and this is my first term on EBSS and my third year at Edwards. I have chosen to major in finance as well as peruse a minor in international business. I am happy to be one of the case competition and conference directors and help bring awesome opportunities for networking and building case skills to the students of Edward’s. I have a love for travelling and meeting new people and making new memories! You can usually find me on campus with an iced latte in hand (even at -40) in one of my many Yeti cups (13 and counting). Don’t be scared to come say hi or reach out with any questions you may have about any competitions or conferences EBSS may be promoting!

Sarah Stener

Case Competition & Conference Director

Hi! My name is Sarah and I’m one of three CC&C Directors. I’m a third-year SCM major but this is my first year gracing the ranks of the EBSS! Not born but raised in Saskatoon (go Bowman Bears!), I’m an ADHD menace and I hate Christmas-themed weddings more than anything. During the school year you’ll find me studying, reading, or partying, though I’m always up for karaoke, trivia, and making Excels for everything and anything.


Carlee Faye

Academic Program Director (Mentorship)

Hi everyone! I am Carlee Faye, a third-year accounting student and this years' Mentorship Program Director. Though it is my first year at EBSS, it is my honour to help provide first-year students with the opportunity to interact with upper-year Edwards students through the Mentorship Program. If you have any questions about the program feel free to reach out to me! In my free time, I like to help out on my family's farm and hang out with my dogs. I can’t wait to meet you all at wonderful events offered by EBSS. Have a good year!

Kyungsoo Ryu

Academic Program Director (TASTE)

Hello all! I am Kyungsoo (She/Her), and I am the TASTE Director for 2022/2023. I am in my second year at Edwards and second round on EBSS. I am super excited to take this role since I had a great experience with TASTE last year. If you want to network with your prospective employers over lunch, then you are in the right place!! I am a cat person, foodie, and love everything related to Christmas. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about our program and hope you have a wonderful year!


Alec Remai

Academic Program Director (Scholarship)

Hey everyone! My name is Alec Remai, and I'm a 3rd year Accounting student. I'm so excited to be on the EBSS for the first time this year! My role is Scholarship Director meaning you can come to me to talk about available scholarships for Edwards students throughout the year (or just look in the newsletter!). Outside of school, I am a dance teacher; so feel free to ask me for a tap dance lesson, anytime anyplace! I will literally say yes immediately. I'm really enjoying my time at Edwards so far and am looking forward to an awesome year with everyone. I'm so excited to meet new people and have fun experiences on and off campus!

Muhammad Abdullah

Academic Program Director (Lunch N' Learn)

Hello! My name is Muhammad Abdullah and I am in my second year. I am excited to be a part of the academic portfolio as this years Lunch N' Learn Director. I'll have the honour of planning educational events where attendees eat lunch in a group setting while simultaneously attending a seminar, doing a workshop activity, or anything fun and productive. Some fun facts about me is that I enjoy discussing about technology and am obsessed with Formula one. I also really enjoy wasting money on bubble tea and double-shot iced shaken espressos. I hope to meet lots of people at the upcoming Lunch N' Learns or anywhere else on campus!


Kayla Gregorash

Academic Program Coordinator

Hello! My name is Kayla Gregorash (she/her), and this is my first year at the University of Saskatchewan and on the EBSS! I am so excited and honoured to be the Academic Program Coordinator as a part of the Academic portfolio for this year! I love watching movies, travelling throughout Canada, and collecting enamel pins. You will probably find me studying, humming a Backstreet Boys song, or petting a dog. I really look forward to meeting everyone (so please don’t hesitate to say hi!) and making the Edwards School of Business a better place. If you have any questions about the EBSS, please refrain from asking me because I have no clue what I’m doing (but I am very excited to learn!)

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