Jeana Myers


Hey! My name is Jeana and I am so excited to be your VP Academic this year! I am a third-year Human Resources major who is passionate about enhancing the lives of the students of Edwards! I am really looking forward to the upcoming year and I am completely driven to making this year the best I can! When I’m not in the EBSS office or studying (kinda) hard in class you would find me binging my newest Netflix obsession or hanging out with my pals! An interesting fact about myself is that I love true crime and have a strange amount of knowledge regarding that topic, so if ya ever wanna chat about that I’m all ears!! If you see me in the hallway do not be afraid to say hey! (I may look a little scary but I promise I’m friendly!)




Hey everyone, Hannah here! I am the TASTE director. If you are seeking a professional mentor and want to enjoy a free lunch, check out TASTE program. I am entering my second year at Edwards, and I am so excited to be on the EBSS this year. Growing up in a big city makes me a typical city person, but I LOVE country music, so I guess I have a country soul (while writing this bio, I was listening to '' Old Country Soul''). In my spare time, I enjoy reading and napping. I hope you a great year and look forward to meeting you all at the fantastic events provided by the EBSS.




Hey everyone! I'm Megan, a third year Accounting Student and the ECC/APAN Director this year! I'm an outgoing person and am excited for my first year on the EBSS. For my entire life I lived on a farm near Birch Hills, SK and moved to the big city of Saskatoon for school. I'm a big family person and often go home for family events or just to see my brothers. You can find me around campus (with my pink cup filled with iced coffee in hand) always attending class, hanging out in Moellar (supposedly studying), or going to Louis' with friends. In my free time (not that I have a lot of it) I'm either watching Netflix, baking, or hanging out with friends. I'm also in Co-op this year and may not be on campus much in term 2, but feel free to say hi anytime you see me!




Hey y'all, I'm Hannah Moellenbeck! I am a fourth-year accounting student and this is my second year on EBSS. I am super excited to be on the Academic Portfolio to help bring you events to enrich your education! I love cats, tea, and being around people! (So definitely don't be afraid to say hi!) I'm also way better at memorizing song lyrics than class material, so don't be alarmed when I randomly break out in song.




Hey There! My name is Mamoona and I am super excited to be a part of the Academics Portfolio this year. This is my second year on the EBSS and I am looking forward to helping the council provide the students of Edwards with awesome opportunities. A little bit about me; I am in my second year at Edwards and am leaning towards majoring in Accounting or Finance. My hobbies include baking, binge-watching Netflix and anything that has to do with BTS. I love meeting new people so if you ever see me, don’t be afraid to say hi. I can’t wait to see all of you at our future events!




Hey! I'm Amisha Jain, a second-year student, this years' Case Competitions and Conferences Director with the EBSS, and VP Social with JDC West! This is my first year on EBSS and I am so excited to work with all of you to represent Edwards, across Canada, in the best light possible! Apart from school, I spend plenty of time on Netflix, at the dance studio, or at home napping. I am a sucker for karaoke Tuesday's at Louis so come share a pint! Otherwise, find me in Moeller struggling to get out of the really big chairs at the back. I hope you all have a great year ahead and I'll see you at the EBSS events!




Hey guys, I am Brayden and I will be going into my fourth and final year here at Edwards as a marketing major. This year I will be your Lunch N Learn/Handbook Director and the Headperson of Student Supports on the Indigenous Business Students’ Society. With these two roles, I hope to create new and valuable academic opportunities for the students of Edwards. A bit about myself, I am from the small town of St. Louis, Saskatchewan and a proud member of the Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation. I really enjoy cooking (and eating) good food, watching reality competition shows like Survivor, and training in Karate. I hope to see you all around Edwards and can’t wait to see what this year brings.




Hi Edwards! My name is Jessica Xia and I am here to be the director for your academic resource! As an international from Shanghai, China, I am always excited to meet new people! I am responsible for finding the fund and mentorship programs. I will help you to match external scholarships based on your application. The mentorship program is new starting from this year. I will match junior and international students with senior students so everyone can adapt to the new environment and make more friends! I love bubble tea! You can always find me in the Law Library and snacking. Don’t be shy to say Hi to me and hope you have a wonderful year!