The Accounting Club of Edwards is for the students, by students. We provide academic and social opportunities for students of Edwards School of Business.


THOMAS                  SHERWEN

Hey there! Glad to see you stopped by to read this exceptionally motivating message (you will have to read the whole thing to be fully motivated). I am extremely excited to be the President of the club this year, leading a group of highly talented & driven individuals.


I was born & raised in South Africa and moved to Canada to continue my tertiary education. Yes, I miss the beaches and beautiful weather; however, had I not moved I would never have met my true love – the Tim’s double-double. I have grown up playing rugby & practically lived on the beach, but I now see a serious career in downhill skiing. I also love to meet new people, so please feel free to reach out!

Now, are you ready to be motivated? The accounting industry has become far more competitive & versatile over the past decade. As accountants, we must think innovatively in a world that continues to advance technologically, refine our communication & collaboration skills, and become leaders within our community.

If you are looking for an opportunity to differentiate yourself from your peers, build a strong resume, take a leadership position, enhance your university experience, and to network with potential employers in the business community, then consider joining our team!


Are you motivated yet? If not, check out our social media platforms to see how we are continuing to grow our presence on campus & in our business community!

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