Aubrey-Anne Laliberte-Pewapisconias


Hi there! My name is Aubrey-Anne Laura Laliberte-Pewapisconias, but I usually go by Aubrey Pewap for simplicity. I am a Cree woman and blessed to be from Treaty 10 Territory with Canoe Lake Cree First Nation and Treaty 6 Territory with Little Pine First Nation. I have been in this group since I began my first year of university and I am happy to be with this group for a fourth year. In the past, I was the First-Year Social Director, Charity Directors of Events, Communications Director and now I am happy to take on the role of VP Charity. You may also see me in my role on our umbrella club, the Indigenous Business Students’ Society! If you ever have any questions about our events or anything in general, feel free to talk to me in the halls! I am looking forward to my fourth year and continuing my major in finance!




Hey! My name is Dante Carter. I am a second-year student and this is my first year on the EBSS. As the Director of Indigenous Initiatives, I hope to help nurture an Edwards environment where Indigenous issues and culture can be openly discussed. When not at school, I can be found painting, drinking copious amounts of coffee, target shooting, or yelling at Bobby Flay on Food Network! I promise, that despite looking unapproachable, I am very friendly, so don't be afraid to come say hi!




My name is Abdu Etagiuri and I am going into my second year of university. I love business and helping the community, and I am beyond excited to combine the two by working with the charity team. I love talking to people so if you ever see me around the hallways, please do not hesitate to say hi!




Hello! My name is Lesia (Le-see-ah) Thachuk and I am very excited to be joining the EBSS this year! Though I may fool you with my librarian-esque aesthetic, I am in my second year of schooling here at Edwards, and I hope to finish with both a business and a law degree. As one of the Charity Events Directors, I am looking forward to raising awareness toward different causes within our community, as well as bringing a sense of community to our events and fundraisers. In my spare time, I am most likely either napping, walking my dog, watching old videos of One Direction, or cross-stitching. I'm known to have a bad case of resting sad face but it's almost never an accurate representation of how I'm actually feeling so don't let that stop you from striking up a conversation!!




Hey! My name is Raj Podder. I am a second-year student and this is my second year on the EBSS. My position on council is fairly new which makes me excited to be in this role. As the Charity Engagement Coordinator, I am responsible to make sure the students at Edwards are aware of the events the EBSS are putting on to fundraise money for charity. This includes the responsibility of running the EBSS Gives Back Instagram page, so make sure to follow us there. I love the Edwards environment and getting involved, but when I’m not at school in my free time I enjoy biking around the city, watching football, and watching movies with my friends. I’m usually quiet when I first meet people but after getting to know them I am very open and interactive. I am beyond excited to start my second year on the EBSS and can’t wait to see all the things we are able to do in the 2020/2021 school year.