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Lesia Thachuk

VP Community Outreach

Hello! My name is Lesia (pronounced les’-ee-ah), my pronouns are she/her, and I am absolutely thrilled to be the VP Community Outreach! This year will be my third year on the EBSS, and my fourth and final year as an HR major at Edwards - you can also find me as a Charity Director on the IBSS and Vice President of the HRSS. I, along with the rest of the Community Outreach portfolio, are so, so excited to bring back in-person fundraisers, volunteer opportunities, and community initiatives for students and local communities (especially after COVID tried to kill the vibe). Follow us on Instagram @ebssgivesback to stay up-to-date on all of our community events! Hope to see you there and in the halls on campus!


Mohammad Iqbal

Volunteer Opportunities Director

SWOT Analysis of Mohammad Taimur Iqbal:

Strengths: I can only bench the bar

Weaknesses: I can only bench the bar

Opportunities: I can only bench the bar

Threats: ...The bar


May peace be upon you all! My name is Mohammad Taimur Iqbal and I am the Volunteer Opportunities Director working for the fantastic Community Outreach Portfolio. I identify myself by my religion, Islam, and my hobbies aside from practicing my religion include practicing public speaking, playing Kingdom Hearts, exercising and socializing. I am a second year Business student and this is my second year with the EBSS thus I'm very excited for all I can do representing the student council of this beautiful college.

Emma Baker

Charity Events Director

Hey Edwards! My name is Emma Baker and my pronouns are she/her. This is my second year at Edwards and my first year being on EBSS. I will be one of the Charity Events Directors and I couldn't be more excited! I grew up in a small town (Unity, SK) where I saw the importance of community involvement and volunteerism. Giving back and supporting meaningful causes brings me so much joy and I can't wait to do these two things through fundraising efforts with EBSS. A few fun facts about me are that I have two cats that are my pride and joys, my favourite drink is Boba, and I play Inner-tube water polo! I hope everyone has a fun school year and if you see me in the halls don't be afraid to say hi!


Alex Lafond

Charity Events Director

Hello everyone! My name is Alex, I am a Charity Events Director, and I am thrilled to begin my first year with the Edwards Business Students’ Society! I feel so privileged to hold a position within the Community Outreach Portfolio, and I look forward to helping organize and support local charitable initiatives. I have just begun my second year at the Edwards School of Business, which means I have not yet declared my major. Nevertheless, from being involved around the school, meeting other students, and learning as much as I can, I feel that I will have no trouble picking the right major for me. Outside of school, I love sports, exploring, and just simply being outdoors. I also love meeting new people, so please feel free to reach out anytime!

Emma Olfert

Community Initiatives Director

Hi everyone, it’s nice to meet you! My name is Emma, and I’m a third-year marketing student currently working towards a Bachelor in Commerce but aspiring to work in Corporate Law. I’m happy to be the Community Initiatives Director for the 2022/ 2023 school year! This will be my first year in EBSS and I can’t wait for all the upcoming projects planned for community involvement around the city. Outside of school, I love keeping busy with work, spending time with friends, keeping active with my dogs and listening to all kinds of music. If ever you have any questions or just want to say hello, don’t be shy to reach out! See you around campus!


Hallie Bourassa

Charity Engagement Director

Hi! My name is Hallie and I am a third year Marketing Major this year and excited to be part of the EBSS! This is my first year on the EBSS and I am looking forward to being a part of the community outreach team and working alongside such amazing people! When I’m not volunteering with school clubs or working on my studies, I like to hangout with my friends, golf, watch movies, and read! Very excited for the upcoming year!

Julian Abrametz

Community Outreach Coordinator

Hello everyone! My name is Julian Abrametz. I am on my third year on EBSS. I am in my final year of studies as an operations management major. I look forward to being on council again and helping out. The EBSS has been one of the many joys in my college experience with the best people. A little about me is that I love to collect vinyl records and have a passion for music. I look forward to meeting lots of people this year and wish you all the best of luck in your studies.


Julia de Araujo Silva

Volunteer Opportunities Coordinator

Hi everyone! My name is Julia de Araujo, and this is my first year at Edwards. I can’t think of a better way to start my University experience than being in the EBSS! I am so excited to be a part of the Community Outreach Portfolio and the Volunteer Opportunities Coordinator! I am very passionate about volunteering, giving back, and helping those in need. A little bit about me is that I am from Brazil, and I moved to Saskatoon in 2018. I love dancing, baking, and sewing! If I could travel to one place in the world it would be Egypt; I love Egyptian history. And I can’t live without Coke Zero. I am so excited to meet everyone and organize some awesome things!

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