Hello all, What's good? I am a third year accounting student here at Edwards and I will be the first ever VP Internal, so I hope I don't let you down. I started as the resident sports guy on the EBSS last year, but you'll probably recognize me as the loud guy in the reading room. In my spare time you'll see me taking long walks on the beach pondering deep philosophical questions or telling anyone who will listen that, "you can't win em' all". For more information about me, follow this link:


VP Internal

Reagan Martin


Hello everyone! My name is Isaac, and I’ll be your Logistics Director, as well as the only current USSU rep for Edwards School of Business in the upcoming year – yes, there is still an open spot on the student council for any of you lovely people to run for, and by-elections are coming in the fall. If all things go as planned, if something is happening within the college or the university, I’d be the guy to at least know something about it! This also means I am gladly volunteering so that you can bug me about anything that might be relevant to the council. I’m going into my second year at Edwards, and in my free time I enjoy playing the bass, lurking on reddit, eating good food, and hopelessly trying to organize my favourite alternative rock, R&B, and jazz into Spotify playlists. I look forward to getting the chance to meet more of you through the many great events within Edwards!



Logistics Director

Isaac Reaser


Hi there! My name is Aubrey-Anne Laura Laliberte-Pewapisconias, but I usually go by Aubrey Pewap for simplicity. I am Cree and blessed to be from Treaty 10 Territory with Canoe Lake Cree First Nation and Treaty 6 Territory with Little Pine First Nation. I’m happy to be with this group for a third year. In the past, I was the First-Year Social Director on the EBSS and last year I was one of the Charity Directors of Events, so if you ever have any questions about our events or anything in general, feel free to talk to me in the halls! Around the Edwards School of Business you will also see me in other roles such as the founder of the Indigenous Business Students’ Society, a JDC West delegate on the Not-for-Profit team, or here as the Communications Director. I am looking forward to my third-year and beginning my major in finance (FUN-ance if you ask our Chairwoman, Sonia).


Communications Director

Aubrey-Anne Laliberte-Pewapisconias