Enactus University of Saskatchewan is a student-run, nonprofit organization based in the Edwards School of Business that creates positive impact in the community while developing our member's skills through real-world experiences.




Hello! My name is Katelyn Petersen, and I am a fourth-year accounting student. I love outdoor activities like camping, fishing, snowboarding, hiking, and canoeing. Most of my days are spent thinking of new ideas for my latest project, planning my next road trip, or "studying" in Moeller. I am very excited to be this year's Enactus president for the 2020-2021 year! Enactus is the largest student-run not-for-profit organization in the world and has 77 teams across Canada. We practice entrepreneurial skills to develop our projects in hopes of creating a better Saskatchewan. Every year Enactus Canada holds regional and national expositions that bring together all Enactus groups from across the nation to showcase our impact on the communities around us. If making positive changes in our community, learning how to fight food insecurity, increasing financial literacy in students, and finding ways to work towards waste reduction and sustainability interest you, come talk to us! I am excited to work with students across campus, faculty, and community members to help carry our projects through this year.

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