Edwards International Student Association promotes & embraces diversity among students at Edward School of Business


Hello, Edwards students! My name is Chaoyang Wang, a fourth-year Finance Major. It’s my pleasure and honour to be the president of the Edwards International Students’ Society (EISS) for 2019/20. I enjoy making friends from different countries. Feel free to come to talk to me, and we can have some Chinese food, coffee, or tea! Any questions about the study, life, and Chinese culture, or anything you want to share, I am always there and willing to hear!

Edwards International Students’ Society is like a big family for me. We shared laughter, happiness, and fun with each other, and I have learned a lot from being one of the members of EISS. EISS is going to host a Welcome Party, Alumni Speech Night, Restaurant Tour, Bake Sale, etc. throughout the year. All students are welcome to join us! We are looking forward to seeing you around campus!

e: chaoyang.wang@usask.ca

Edwards International Students' Society President

Chaoyang Wang

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