Edwards International Students' Association promotes & embraces diversity among students at Edward School of Business.




Hi Edwards! My name is Jessica Xia and I am here to be the director for your academic resource! As an international from Shanghai, China, I am always excited to meet new people! I am the Co-president for EISS. I will help international students to get more involved in Edwards and USASK! I love bubble tea! You can always find me in the Law Library and snacking. Don’t be shy to say Hi to me and hope you have a wonderful year!




Hello, I'm Xiaodan. I am very honored to be a member of EBSS. I am the President of Edwards International Students' Society President. I'm from China. This is my second year with Edward. I really enjoy communicating with friends from different countries to learn about foreign cultures. The first impression I give you may be that I am shy and not talkative. In fact, when you really know me, you will think that I love communicating with others. So when you see me, just say hello to me. I'm sure we'll have a great time. You can come to me when you need help, you can come to me when you are bored. Anyway, I'll be there for you whenever you need me.

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