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Hey Everyone! My name is Carlee Snow and I am so excited to be a Co-President for the Marketing Students’ Society! I am a fourth year marketing student and cannot believe this is my final year at Edwards! Ryssa and I have a lot of plans to make this year the best yet! I am also a Liaison for the Edwards Experiential Learning Initiative and hope to see you at all our upcoming events! Contact me if you want to know more about the EELI workshops or how you can get involved with both that and MSS. In addition, I volunteer for The Sheaf and try to write a few articles a term. If this interests you contact me and I can set you up with the great team over at The Sheaf! You can almost always find me around Edwards or in the Law Library, and feel free to contact me any time to learn more about MSS, EELI, or The Sheaf! I look forward to meeting you at all our upcoming events! P.S. – I also love being Co-Presidents with Ryssa!


Marketing Students' Society Co-President

Carlee Snow


Hey friends! I'm Ryssa Alarcon, and I am a 4th year Marketing Major. I absolutely LOVE everything that encompass marketing, so I always try to take opportunities (too many things all at once sometimes, but this is how I keep happy) while still enjoying my time at Edwards! I’m currently an Edwards Experiential Learning Initiative Liaison, and the Marketing & Communications Assistant for the College of Grad & Postdoctoral Studies. I am also working as a Client Services Information Officer for the Government of Saskatchewan (Ministry of Economy/Labour Market Services) so feel free to contact me for your job/employment needs! Fun fact: I lived for four years in Dubai. (It’s an ultramodern place with lots of camels so it’s a must-visit!). Anyway, stay in touch with MSS events and initiatives through our FB and Instagram – I’m also here if you need me so contact away! P.S. I LOVE MY DOGGO & being a Co-President with Carlee!


Marketing Students' Society Co-President

Ryssa Alarcon

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