Offers a university experience to student at the Edwards School of Business that is unparalleled to any other business competition or event. The Edwards School of Business JDC West team puts students in a position to succeed at the competition and beyond through relentless practice and team camaraderie


Hi, my name is Abbie! I am a fourth year Human Resources major. After being apart of the JDC West athletics team in 2017 and 2018, and the Human Resources academic team in 2019, Iā€™m back to take on the role of co-captain with my lovely colleague Ben Petruk! See you around Edwards!


e: abbie.reich@usask.ca

Edwards JDC West Co-Captain

Abbie Reich


Four years and many group projects past, I roam Edward's halls one more time with team Sasky. JDC West is the largest business case competition in Western Canada. Abbie and I will be leading the charge for 46 of Edward's students to compete in Regina in Janurary. Not only do we compete in athletics, social, debate, and academic competitions in January, we also work to better the community around us through six charities that we partner with. If you are ever interested in learning more about JDC West and how it can help with your classes, feel free to find me on any social media or stop me in the hallways!


e: benjamin.petruk@usask.ca

Edwards JDC West Co-Captain

Ben Petruk

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