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Carina Pilon

VP Corporate Relations

My name is Carina Pilon and I am in my 3rd and final year of Finance at Edwards. Being on both the EBSS and JDCW has been a privilege and it is amazing to see the progression in both clubs throughout the past two years. In my free time I enjoy reading, watching various shows and also participating in any volunteer opportunities that come my way. I love meeting new people so please reach out if you have questions or would like to chat!


Seth LeMoal

Corporate Relations Director

Hello everyone! I'm Seth, a Corporate Relations Director with the EBSS this year. I'm in my second year at Edwards and my first year on the EBSS! I like to absolutely pack my schedule so the outlook calendar pretty much runs my life at the moment. When I'm not running through endless decks of flashcards I like to stay active, read, and spend time with friends/family. If you see me around Edwards feel free to say hi; I always love to chat with new people. :)

Kiya Kincade

Corporate Relations Director

Hey everyone! My name is Kiya Kincade and I am a third year marketing major. I am about to go into my co-op term this January where I hope to learn even more about marketing and get real world experiences. This is my first year on the EBSS and I am super pumped to be apart of this great student group. When I am not at the university you can find me at one of my three jobs, at the lake, or snowboarding down a mountain. I have a herd of 4 dogs and 4 cats which I love to talk about so if you want to talk pets I am the one to talk too. I look forward to helping make this year the best for everyone at Edwards School of Business!

Isaac_Reaser_Corporate Relations Director - Isaac Reaser_edited.jpg

Isaac Reaser

Corporate Relations Director

Hello and welcome to this corner of the website, everyone. My name is Isaac Reaser and I'm known as something of a veteran and overall cool guy around here. I am excited to return to EBSS for my fourth and final year, this time taking part in the prestigious and bodacious Corporate Relations portfolio. I'm in my final term as an accounting major, and in the midst of making the most of my last hurrah on campus. In my spare time, I love listening to and playing music, eating and thinking about food, hiking and sightseeing, and having good times with my friends. The EBSS is here to improve the student experience as you progress through your academic career, so do consider getting involved in the many events and initiatives put on. I hope I get the chance to meet many of you soon!

Kate Goranson

Corporate Relations Development Director

Hi everyone! My name is Kate and I am the Corporate Relations Development Director this year. I cannot wait to further add to the COMM Card. I am in my second year at Edwards and this is my first year on council. When I am not studying, you can find me at the rink playing or officiating hockey, playing innertube waterpolo campus rec, and spending time with family and friends. Looking forward to a great year!


Meadow Coates

Corporate Relations Development Director

Hey! My name is Meadow, and my pronouns are she/her! I’m in my second year at Edwards, hoping to major in Marketing. I’m also this year’s Comm Card Developer, which means I create and design the platform for the Comm Card! This year the Comm Card has been moved to the EBSS website instead of an app, so definitely check that out. I also have roles in EQSS and YWiB, so it’s not uncommon to see me busy at work on campus. When I’m not in class or working on my extracurriculars I can usually be found drinking iced lattes, working on some form of craft, or spending time with my friends!

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