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VP Corporate Relations

Camelia Roy

Heya everyone! My name is Camelia Roy, your Vice President Corporate Relations! I am so excited to be joining EBSS for my third year, and this time as an executive! I currently major in Operations Management (which is known as Supply Chain now) and currently in my co op term. Aside university, I love to read, write, draw and workout (although this pandemic definitley has put a halt to that). Hopefully I get to see some of your faces in the upcoming year! Don't be afraid to say hi or ask any questions!

Megan Evans - Headshot - CR.jpeg


CR Director

Hi everyone! My name is Megan Evans and I am a 4th year accounting major. I am just finishing up my co-op term at MNP where I have learned so much (like what an accountant actually does) and have had a lot of fun. This is my second year on the EBSS and I am excited to be a Corporate Relations Director this year - I can't wait to do some networking and negotiating! In addition to the EBSS, I am also part of the Accounting team for JDC West. When I'm not studying, you can find me hanging out with friends, watching Netflix (probably Grey's Anatomy), or baking a cake. If you have any questions about Edwards, especially the Co-op program (I think this is a great opportunity), feel free to ask me!

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CR Director

Brandon is the name, Accounting is the game. For me it really is as much fun as a game. I've been solving puzzles as long as I can remember and when I look at a spread sheet all I see is a giant puzzle! This will be my third year on the EBSS and second year on the Corporate Relations portfolio. I love getting to know all the amazing sponsors that help us put on the incredible events for the students of Edwards. As long as this pandemic keeps courses online, I will be studying from the lake with my dogs and making the most out of this time I have!

Carina Pilon Headshot.jpg


CR Development Director

Hi! I’m Carina and I’ll be this year’s CR Development Director. I can’t wait to be in contact with some incredible companies and help further add to the Edwards COMM Card (this card provides students with tons of discounts for Saskatoon businesses). As for myself, I have just finished my first year at Edwards and am grateful to also be on the JDC West Accounting team and YWiB. I enjoy being active, watching my favourite show Psych, and reading. As a student who hasn’t done anything in person, I definitely understand the difficulty in getting connected (or even understanding all the clubs and programs). If you’re interested in the EBSS and have any questions, or even just want to meet someone new, I would be more than happy to talk to you over a cup of coffee!

Tanner Burr Headshot.jpg


CR Coordinator

Hello, my name is Tanner I’m 24 years old and I will be advancing into my third year of study at Edwards. I have recently declared finance and have been interested in personal investing since my dad introduced me to the concept. When I’m not stuck in the house studying, I’m usually outside skateboarding. I am 100% a summer person and love being outside. This will be my first year with the EBSS as a corporate relations coordinator, and I’m looking forward to being part of the team