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Lauren Aussant

VP Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Decolonization

Hi everyone! My name is Lauren Aussant (she/her) and I am a fourth year management major! I am also completing a certificate in politics and law and plan to continue my education in law, political science, or social change and equity! This year, I am excited to be the VP of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Decolonization for the EBSS and the Students Supports Headperson for the IBSS! Look out for the amazing events and initiatives that my teams and I have planned for this year!


Marissa Pilat

Director of Indigenous Initiatives

Hey everyone! My name is Marissa Pilat (she/her) and I am a 3rd year marketing major. This is my first year on the EBSS and I am super excited to get involved and meet new people! I am also currently in the co-op program in hopes to secure a job for a work term! Outside of the EBSS I can be found shopping at Winners (it’s a problem), taking my dog for walks, doing work for my volunteer position with the Saskatoon Dog Rescue, cooking and baking, or finishing work that I procrastinated on. I am excited for the upcoming school year and what it has to bring!

Lee Christen Vinta

Director of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Hi, my name is Lee Chris, address me as either or, my pronouns are any pronouns. I am very excited to be a part of the EBSS and nonetheless a Diversity Director. Equality is such a vital part of life for me, as a queer BIPOC, I want to help build a world and economy where everyone is all seen as equals. Whether you are BIPOC, a member of the LGBTQIA+ community or some with a disability, you are valid in my eyes. I have a passion for anything in the arts umbrella, I love horror movies, and binge watching Marvel movies and shows, and my music taste is all over the place but that never hurt anyone. If you ever see me on campus don't be afraid to say hi, can't wait to meet you all! Bye for now!!


Harleen Arora

Social Action Director

Hi! I’m Harleen (she/they), a 5th year HR major from Ahmedabad, India. I’m excited to continue with the EDID Portfolio, this time as Social Action Director! My EBSS role focuses on developing calls to actions on issues informed by marginalized students’ voices and aimed towards the college. I’m also one of the four heads of our newest and coolest inter-council club, Edwards Queer Students’ Society! We are hoping to provide a safe space for 2SLGBTQ+ people in Edwards though events, community, and advocacy. Very predictably so, I love all things People, Culture, Accessibility and Justice. Feel free to come chat with me if you see me around!

Daryl Malana

Sustainability Director

Wassup, wassup, wassup! My name is Mark (They/He) but I go by my middle name, Daryl. Mark is short for marketing by the way. I am the Sustainability Director for the EBSS as well as the Head of Events for Edwards Queer Students' Society. Something about me is that I'm a marketing student by day, and a drag queen at night so follow my drag account on Instagram - @annalynnemokho. Lastly, I will beat you in Dutch Blitz!!!

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