Edwards International Students' Association promotes & embraces diversity among students at Edward School of Business.


Sanjana Singh- EISS.heic

Hi Edwards!! I am Sanjana Singh and I will be serving as the President of Edwards International Student Society. I am in my third year of Accounting. I am from a beautiful place called Punjab in India. As an international student I am always excited to meet new people, know about different cultures and lifestyles. I love dancing and I find my escape in music(I can’t sing for the life of me, but that never stops me ;)). My all time favourite shows are Peaky Blinders, Modern Family and Friends.I love watching the sky and I am so glad to be living in Saskatchewan where the sky is always pretty:) and watching the moon is also kinda my thing(its so fascinating and beautiful).I find it really peaceful. I am super excited to work with EISS and meet other international students. I can’t wait to go back to campus (I hope we can this year) so if we do I hope to see you all in person!! PS: If not, check out our social media pages to know more!

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