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1. Increase public relations

o When asking students what they wanted to see from the EBSS next year I saw a clear trend emerge, many of them didn’t really know what the EBSS does and how they contribute to the lives of students of Edwards. I would create a year in review report that details the events, networking opportunities, and professional development sessions we had as well as our financial statements, so every member of our college can be as informed as possible.


2. Student Spaces

o Over the course of last year, it became apparent to me that the resource room is being booked during peak use times such as the start of the year, midterms and finals. I would look to start talks with faculty to schedule times that wouldn’t impede on the study efforts of students.


3. Tutoring or Mentoring program

· Students in their 3rd/4th/5th year have a wealth of knowledge and resources that often go unutilized by the 1/2nd years. I believe we should implement a system where older students can volunteer to be matched with newer students, so they have someone they can reach out to with questions or concerns.


4. Experiential Learning

o Classes teach you a lot of theory but often lack the application to the real world. I believe students should be taught how to use common applications like Excel, Adobe, and so many more. I propose the EBSS, in coordination with the Edwards clubs, offer more workshops to teach the students of Edwards how to use the tools they need to prosper in the working world.



Hey there! My name is Nudba Ismaeel and I’m very excited to be running for EBSS President for the 2020/2021 school year! I’ve served on council for three years, the most recent of which I’ve spent as the Vice President of Marketing. Through my time on council, I’ve learned how to communicate with others, navigate difficult scenarios, and manage a large workload. I’ve spent this past year fulfilling my mandate as VP Marketing with my thirteen portfolio members, and I plan on doing the same with my presidential initiatives. My initiatives are as follows:


  1. Fostering University Culture – Pushing for Student Buy-in

    • The culture at the Edwards School of Business has been on a steady decline in the past few years. I believe one of the reasons that our students have stopped being so close-knit is due to a lack of opportunities in getting to know each other.

    • Currently, the EBSS hosts orientation with a few games and merchandise giveaways. Students are starting their university experience without the chance to meet new and exciting people.

    • Colleges across Canada ensure that orientation day makes first year students feel at home; they host large events with opportunities to meet new and current students. I plan on working with undergrad to lessen the barriers on orientation and create a more memorable experience for first year students to promote cultural buy-in.

    • For upper year students, I believe events like the Boston Pizza socials should be further marketed to help them come out of their shells. How many people do you see in your classes that you recognize but have never spoken to? Social events can help to remove the barriers between people and create an overall closer college. 

  2. Promoting Engagement – Investigating Reasons for Declining Involvement

    • Although more and more academic opportunities are available for students, engagement has been declining across the board. I’ve spoken with our Associate Dean, Noreen Mahoney, and she and I both believe that this is an area we should investigate. Are students feeling overwhelmed? Are they not hearing about the available opportunities? These are questions we need answers to so that we can understand the problem.

    • I plan on implementing a college-wide survey to find out why so many students are choosing not to get involved with the various types of activities at Edwards. This information will help the Society and our undergraduate college better cater to the needs of our student body. 

  3. Creating Academic Opportunities – Trying Out New Programs

    • The EBSS has routinely offered case competitions and conferences in Western Canada. I think it is time to expand our horizons and move away from the conferences we’ve sent students to for the past several years.

    • There exist many opportunities outside what we have been offering; some of these are networking events, pitch competitions, or programs that allow you to get a certificate in an area related to your major by attending a conference.

    • Academics has always been at the forefront of our mission as a Students’ Society. We need to dive into ways of innovating the opportunities that we provide in order to benefit Edwards students.


As President, it would be my duty to represent Edwards student at the undergraduate level. If elected, I look forward to hearing the concerns of students and ensuring they are being relayed to and dealt with by our college. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at