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Mitch is a 3rd year accounting major and is so excited to be the incoming EBSS president for the 2019/2020 school year.
Mitch hopes to implement a revaluation of case competitions, increase connection between the EBSS and Edwards clubs, as well as address old and new events in a new light. 


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From Left: Reagan Martin, Kali Stocks, Mitch bellefleur, Kirah Rutzki, Nudba Ismaeel, Michael Bethel, Rylee Miller, Jason Snarr


Hi everyone, my name is Mitch Bellefleur and I am extremely excited to be one of the candidates for EBSS President in the 2019/2020 year. As the current VP Finance, and a past Corporate Relations Coordinator, I believe my experience would allow me to excel in the role of President! Here are some points I'd like to address if I were to be elected: 

  1. Reevaluation of Case Comps: Both External and Internal

    • The Edwards Internal Case Competition (or ICC) is a great event, but we currently cap it at 4 teams in each the senior and junior division. We have lots of participation from judges, so there is a huge opportunity to open the event up so that more teams can compete and benefit from this great event.

    • External Case Competitions are some of the best experiences an Edwards student can get during their university degree. However, after some negative feedback on certain conferences over the past few years, I believe it will be beneficial to reevaluate which conferences we want to send students. Funds could be redirected to other conferences that we hear great things about but we aren’t currently attending (perhaps more Eastern Canada conferences).

  2. Growing Forward: Increasing Connection between the EBSS and Edwards Clubs

    • Although we are already taking steps towards this by implementing the new position of VP Clubs, I believe it is important to have strong communication between the clubs during the planning phase of our year so that we can ensure we are providing a wide variety of events that appeal to a wide variety of students

    • Furthermore, ensure that these events are not scheduled on the same days/same time so that each event has its own time to shine and is more likely to be supported by the student body.

  3. Events: Old and New

    • While this year was outstanding for the events the EBSS delivered to students, there are always improvements that can be made. In the upcoming year, I would like to bring back some of the great events we had in previous years, but we missed out on this year due to unfortunate circumstances (i.e., Rider Trip, Rush Trip).

    • New Event: Young Alumni Mixer

      • This new event would consist of bringing in recently graduated alumni for a mixer with soon-to-be graduates (i.e., third and fourth year students) for both the purposes of fun and so that the students can learn from recent grads what they are using their degree for and what they wished they would have known before graduating.

      • This is superior to a regular alumni event because the world is constantly changing, so the viewpoints of young alumni are far more relevant to soon-to-be graduates.

    • New Event: Student Appreciation Nights

      • This new event would be a sort of evolution of the Commerce Socials we had in past years, where we offer students free pizza or other food.

      • Instead of the board games that Commerce Socials had, the new aspect of this event would be bringing in a speaker on mental health and taking care of yourself during stressful times.

      • The goal of this event is essentially to reach more students outside of who regularly attends our events, with the idea being that coming to something like this is easier than buying a ticket to one of our Social events or than working up the courage to participate in an Academic event.