Ryan Manegre


 Hey! My name is Ryan Manegre and I am very excited to be the VP Finance for the 2020-2021 school year! I grew up right here in Saskatoon and I am going into my fourth and final year at Edwards School of Business with a major in Finance. This is my third year with the EBSS and I am looking forward to another incredible year with another outstanding team. When I'm not busy with classes or studying, you can usually find me with a hockey stick or a guitar in my hands - I love sports and music. The EBSS is here to help all Edwards students feel at home, so stop by the office any time you have questions! We hope that your experience at Edwards is an amazing one and that you make many memories while developing yourself into a business professional.  




SWOT analysis of Anna Tang:

Strengths: drinking WAY too much tea

Weaknesses: can't ever get out of bed on time

Opportunities: will never turn down a hug

Threats: you better have a good day today... or else


I'm a fourth-year accounting major who just finished up her Co-op work term with the Government of Canada! This will be my third year on council and while I'm sad to leave the EBSS Newsletter behind, I'm also hyped to work with a phenomenal team as one of this year's Finance Associates. If you ever want to chat, you can find me either a) drinking smoothies in the EBSS office, b) crying softly about my spreadsheets in the Law Library, or c) strumming a ukulele in the corner at a party (please sing along!). Even though I'm usually zoning out in the hallways, I promise I'm super friendly so don't be shy -- please say hi! :)




Hello, hello, everyone. I'm Isaac, and this year I will be both a Finance Associate and once again one of the Edwards reps on the USSU Student Council! I am super excited to be back at it again, doing some fresh and some familiar work for the school and the greater campus community. When I am not busy being a third-year accounting major and doing all this extracurricular, I play the bass in a few bands and orchestras, I spend a lot of time eating and thinking about food, and I play a few games with friends, too. Binging sitcoms on Netflix and music theory or Bon Appetite videos on YouTube are other integral pillars of my being. I would love to meet all of you lovely people, so please consider checking out the many amazing events we have planned, or just stop by the EBSS office anytime for any reason!