Mentorship program provide first-year students with the opportunities to interact with experienced and excellent upper year students like you. This year we are planning to provide new students with one-to-one mentorship opportunities.

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In this program, you will not only have the opportunity to meet new people and earn CCR but also practice your interpersonal skills and boost your resume!

Can't wait to be a mentor? Apply now! You will also have the change to enter a draw and win $50 gift card!

Mentees : Welcome to the Edwards School of Business! While you are very excited about this new journey, you must have a tons of questions about the college, clubs, majors, etc. Don't know who you can ask for help? Mentorship program is here for you!

The program aims to provide new students with the opportunity to communicate with fellow Edwards students. You can ask our mentors any questions about campus life, academic and professional career. The best part about the program is that you will gain friendships and meet link minded people!