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Ryan Usselman

HRSS Co-President

I am a 4th year Human Resources Major and have completed the Edwards Cooperative Education Program. I have a great passion to treat people with kindness and present people with equal, yet exhilarating, opportunities.

Lesia Thachuk

HRSS Co-Presient

Hello! My name is Lesia (pronounced les’-ee-ah), my pronouns are she/her, and I am absolutely thrilled to be the VP Community Outreach! This year will be my third year on the EBSS, and my fourth and final year as an HR major at Edwards - you can also find me as a Charity Director on the IBSS and Vice President of the HRSS. I, along with the rest of the Community Outreach portfolio, are soso excited to bring back in-person fundraisers, volunteer opportunities, and community initiatives for students and local communities (especially after covid tried to kill the vibe). Follow us on Instagram @ebssgivesback to stay up-to-date on all of our community events! Hope to see you there and in the halls on campus!


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