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EBSS ensures that we foster a community where Indigenous students are empowered


The Edwards Business Students' Society is committed to creating an environment where Indigenous culture and tradition is celebrated, respected, and evident. In 2020, with the addition of a Director of Indigenous Initiatives role on council, the EBSS created an Indigenous Initiatives report that recommended the CIRCLE strategy. CIRCLE outlines individual commitments, explains specific steps that could be considered and implemented, as well as defines indicators of success for each commitment. Change, Inclusion, Recognition, Collaboration, Learning, and Equity (CIRCLE) were commitments created to align with the Principles of Reconciliation established by The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.

Throughout 2021 and 2022, with the creation of the Diversity and Inclusion portfolio, the EBSS continued to reflect on its operations and expand on its recommendations with the Indigenous Initiatives report updates. This document was an opportunity to evaluate the first year of implementation of the Indigenous Initiatives report and provide further recommendations to decolonize and Indigenize the EBSS. Both the original report and the update are available below.

Previous Initiatives

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