Josh DeCorby

My name is Josh DeCorby and I am one of the candidates running for President of the Edwards Business Student Society (EBSS). In my current roles as Vice President of Corporate Relations for the EBSS I have had the focus of creating values through partnerships in a hope to create opportunity’s such as potential employment, knowledge and mentorship for my fellow students.


At Edwards, I believe we are given a large array of tools and with that many different options for what we can do in our futures. Currently the EBSS does well in helping student gain access to potential employers. If elected I would like to continue to work with our excellent partners along with reach out to new ones in a variety of industries in order to help us all potentially kick-start our careers with the right employers.


Once again in the belief that we all have many different future aspirations at Edwards I would like to give students access to local entrepreneurs for those who wish to possibly go this route. Twice a year I would like to bring in a panel of Entrepreneurs to speak to interested students on what it is like to start your own venture, along with support current students at Edwards who start their own businesses by featuring them in our newsletter to gain exposure to the student body.


To keep the EBSS’s platform of events relevant I will review our past events with event directors, partners and consult industry professional’s when necessary. I will do this with every event so we can host the best social experiences this university has to offer along with giving students the opportunities to learn and expand their skills. I would like to help the EBSS give you, the best university experience.

If you had any further questions about Josh DeCorby's platform, email him at

Josh Decorby's Presidential Speech 

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