Basma Shahid


Hi everyone! My name is Basma, I'm a fourth-year marketing major, and I just got back from completing my Co-op term. I'm super excited to be the VP Marketing this year! My love for marketing and design is the same as Jim's love for pranking Dwight (yes, I love the Office, and no, I don't consider that to be one of my personality traits). In my free time, I love putting on some lo-fi beats and working on my artwork. I'm always looking for new music suggestions, so feel free to say hi and strike up a conversation if you see me around, and we can talk about our favourite songs!




Hola! My name is Mikhaella Jose, or you can call me Mika. I am a third-year Marketing student. I am also in the Co-op program, hoping to secure a placement in January 2021. Formerly, I was the Merchandise and Design Director of the Edwards Business Students’ Society, and now I am the Webmaster. I plan on studying abroad before I pursue a Master’s Degree in Entertainment Marketing. A few facts about me: I religiously watch Spanish series/movies on Netflix, I love to travel (my next goal is anywhere in Latin America), iced coffee is my everyday little piece of salvation, and I am very spontaneous when it comes to impulsive buying. If you do happen to be all four, I’m pretty sure we will become great friends. So if you see me whether it be in the office, Moeller or Murray Grounds, interrupt what I’m doing and don’t be afraid to say hi. Cheers to another year on the EBSS!




Salutations! I'm Chris and I'm back as this year's Merchandise and Design Director. I'm a third-year Management major whose interests include but not limited to eating at nice restaurants, listening to music, and true to my position, shopping, shopping, AND more shopping. What can I say, ya boi likes to dress up! An "interesting" fact about me is that, despite being a business student, I do not like wearing corporate attires. Not a vibe! So more likely than not, you will see me walking around Edwards wearing a Canadian Tuxedo (refer to Urban Dictionary for disambiguation) with my trustee doc martens boots! That being said, I hope this school year will be a far more pleasant one and may we all build nations in style! - P.S. I'm not as antisocial in real life as I look in my photo so please say hi!




I'm Camelia, a third-year Operations Management student! This year, I'm excited to become in charge of the school newsletter! From updating everyone about current events, I'm also going to continue creating relatable memes (feel free to critique). I'm usually on campus waiting in line to buy sushi or iced coffee, and when I'm not doing that, I'm most likely stressing over life. I'm excited to go forth the oncoming year and present all the new opportunities we have in store for Edward's! I'm up for a conversation anytime so don't be afraid to say hi! :)




Hello! I'm Nicole, and I am a third-year Human Resources Student! I am also a co-op student in the works of obtaining a placement. This is my second year as the social media director for EBSS, and I absolutely love it! Bringing fun, creative and informative content to your feed brings me tons of joy. Most often times, I am involved with the Usask Music Ensembles, because who doesn't love music? I play both piano and saxophone and absolutely love it. I wish you all a wonderful year ahead and hope to see you at our upcoming events!





Hi everybody! My name is Huzefa Muhammadzai and I am going to be the Audio/Visual Director on EBSS this year. I am a third year Finance student hoping to be gone in January for a Co-op placement (only for a short while - I’ll be back!). This is my first year on the EBSS and I hope to meet a lot of new people and get some exciting projects going. I am originally from Pakistan and have been living in Canada for the past seven years. If I’m not buried under schoolwork, you will find me taking pictures or filming around Saskatoon. In my free time, I like to try new foods, do DIY projects around my house and more recently, give the people in my house haircuts (during COVID-19). Come say “Hi” if you see me in the hallways! I’ll probably be wearing my resting poker face, but I promise I don’t bite.





Hey everyone! My name is Caleb, and I am the Photographer for the EBSS this year. I’m in my second year of Edwards and you’ll be seeing me at our events, usually behind a camera. For fun I enjoy finding new music, working out, or anything involving getting active outside. If you see me around or have any questions about the EBSS, come say hello!





Hello! I'm Carly, a fourth-year marketing student here at Edward's. I just finished my Co-op work term and I am one of this year's visual design directors. This is my first year of being a part of EBSS and I am excited to express my creativity in this role. I am passionate about education, I plan to get my MSc in Marketing. I love coffee, reading, fitness, and anything outdoors! I also love to travel, I have been to many places on our beautiful planet. I am looking forward to this school year and I hope to bring you some great content!





Hey there! I'm Hailey, a third-year Marketing student, one of the visual design directors for the EBSS as well as an active and proud member of the MSS! I am also a huge advocate of girl power, WokBox study sessions, dying and cutting my hair frequently, and my dog, Guss. I am originally from a small town, St. Brieux, and I plan on studying abroad before getting my MSc in Marketing (after completing my B. Comm degree.) In my free time, you'll find me either watching Buzzfeed Unsolved, talking with a friend, or trying to organize my crazy schedule on excel. You may see me in the Edwards hallways or in the Moeller room, feel free to chat with me; I will talk your ear off! I am so excited to see what my first year at the EBSS brings me and I am even more excited to help out EBSS with the Corporate Partnership Program and other visual design projects!





Hey there! My name is Claudia Weinmeyer, and I am the Marketing Engagement Director for this year. It is my second year here at Edwards, and I'm thrilled to be on the EBSS for the first time! A little about me, I enjoy travelling, trying new foods, interior design, and absolutely anything to do with cats (even Tiger King). I also have some of the craziest stories from working in retail, so feel free to ask if you want a good laugh! I'm super excited to be a part of this team, and I can't wait to meet you all! Overall, I'm looking forward to spreading the word about events and opportunities here at Edwards, and I wish you all a great year!





Hey friends! I’m Madelyn, a second-year student at Edwards hoping to major in marketing then get into law, and I will be one of your marketing engagement representatives this year! At school, you can catch me “studying” (socializing) in the Moeller room between classes and sporting the brightest yellow backpack you have ever seen. If you see me in the hallways, please talk to me about The Office, anything even remotely related to Ukrainian culture, stand-up comedy, or caffeine- we will instantly be friends. Outside of school, I am a Ukrainian dance instructor with the Boyan Ukrainian Dance Association here in Saskatoon and I also dance with Boyan on Tour! This is my first year with EBSS so I am excited to learn about the process and help keep you guys informed on all our awesome events and opportunities.





My name is Paige Andrusiak and I am a ( I just finished a co-op work term, so I'm not sure if I should call myself a third or fourth year), Human Resources major. This is my first year on EBSS, and I am so excited to be a marketing engagement rep! I am extremely outgoing, so I am looking forward to getting to know more of my fellow Edwards students. When I'm not cramming for an exam in the law library, you can find me hanging out in Moeller, or planning my next trip to escape our freezing cold Sask winters.





Hey what's up you guys. My name is Michael Orthner and I'm super pumped to be one of your marketing engagement reps this year! I am a second year, so I'm a little bummed that I can't tell you my major, but that's probably fine because I haven't decided yet anyway. If you see me around the halls travelling to or from my second-year classes or just wandering around looking lost, I probably am so come up and say hi because I love meeting and talking to new people. When I'm not wandering around campus I'm probably playing Apex so if you want to hop on ps4, hmu. This is my second year on EBSS so I'm excited to see what this year brings! Oh, and go Bruins.