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Nicole Akl

Hello Everyone! I'm Nicole and I am the Vice President of Marketing for the EBSS. This will be my third year on the EBSS, and I have been on the marketing portfolio since I started here! I am a fourth year Human Resource major currently working in my co-op placement. When I am not studying or working, I am a musician playing both the piano and saxophone, although this has come to a halt due to the pandemic. Stay tuned by following the EBSS on Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedln!

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Webmaster/COMM Card Director

It’s good to be back again for the third time! My name is Mikhaella Jose, pronounced as “Mika-ella Ho-se.” I am a fourth-year Marketing student, returning from my 8-month Co-op placement with FCL. Joining EBSS, I was first the Merchandise and Design Director before becoming Webmaster and COMM Card Director. I want to explore Web and UI/UX Design that's why I applied for the same position. I also created and designed our first ever COMM Card app last year, so thank you to all who supported it. Few facts about me: I’m addicted to coffee, and it runs through my veins on a daily basis. If I don’t respond to your text, I’m probably on TikTok. I'm obsessed with Formula One on Netflix. Some other things I love are hiking, travelling, skincare, carrot cake, and boba. I may always have an RBF, but my friends can vouch that I’m really a fun person to be with. That is all from me! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. I hope to meet you all in person soon. Stay safe!

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Merchandise and Design Director

Salutations! Glad to be back for another year around the sun with the EBSS! My name's Christian (He/Him) and I'm the Merchandise and Design Director (again) for the 21/22 school year! So, if you've bought some merch from last year, I really appreciated all of your businesses as I was very glad that a lot of people liked the designs! A few things about me: I have 10 tattoos (so far); I'm a fourth-year Management student and like some of my peers on council this year, I also had just gotten back from my coop term; I'm a big Blackpink, Taylor Swift, and Olivia Rodrigo fan; and I don't really like suits despite being a business student. Hobbies would probably be spending all my money on clothes and binge watching shows on Netflix, Disney+, and Crave. I have no self-control like that! LOL Anyhoo, that's it from me and I hope that we can all finally meet in-person again this year!

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Audio Visual Director/Videographer

Hey everyone! My name is Huzefa and I am back again this year to fill in the role of Videographer and Audio/Visual Director. I am a 4th year Finance major, returning from my co-op placement at Federated Co-op (FCL). In my free time, I spend a lot of time doing non-financey things like flying my drone and filming random videos with my friends and family. I hope to see and film everyone creepily (at least that’s how it feels after staying at home for months) in-person this upcoming year. Make sure to wave at me through the camera and say hi whenever you get a chance. Don’t forget to listen to our podcast too! Okie go read the next bio. Go. GOOOO! (Unless this is the last one because then you should start planning your life in this planner).

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Hello! My name is Caleb, and once again I am the Photographer for the EBSS this year. I’m in my third year of Edwards (as well as the EBSS) and I am majoring in Accounting! When I’m not studying, I enjoy working out, working on side ventures and having new experiences. You’ll be seeing me at our events behind the lens so feel free to come say hello if you have any questions about the EBSS!

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Visual Design Director

Hey Everyone! My name is Emily Mamer and I am one of the Visual Design Directors for the EBSS this school year. I am from Melfort, Saskatchewan but moved to Saskatoon for school. This is my first year on the EBSS and I am very excited for this opportunity. I am entering my second year at Edwards School of Business; I have not decided on my major quiet yet but am excited to be going down that path soon. When I am not focusing on my schoolwork, I enjoy cooking, baking, watching the Food Network, going for walks, swimming, working towards a healthy lifestyle, meeting new people, and spending time with my family and friends. I hope everyone has a fantastic school year and please reach out at any time with any questions about the EBSS!



Visual Design Director

Hi! My name is Shae Janzen and I'm a third year marketing student. I am intrested in pursuing marketing design, social media marketing and content marketing. That's why I have the role of Visual Desgin Director and this is my first year on the EBSS. I love photography, especially film and you can find me spending hours in the dark room in the Murray Building. I also love travelling and learning new languages (I've been to 4 out of the 7 continents). I am fluent in French and I am hoping to return back to France as an exchange student one day. I am also currently learning Malagasy (the national language of Madagascar) so if you or anyone you know in Saskatoon is Malagasy, please introduce them to me!

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Social Media Director

Hey Edwards! My name is Brooke and I am the Social Media Director on the EBSS this year! This is my second year on the EBSS, with my previous position being the Social Event Coordinator. I am a second year student at Edwards, so I'm currently undeclared but will be hoping to major in Marketing come Winter! I am also on JDC West Team Sasky for the first time this year as a Marketing delegate, and YWiB for my second year as a Social Media Coordinator. I love EVERYTHING Marketing, and I like to use my job and my involvement on EBSS, YWiB, and Team Sasky as an excuse to scroll through social media for 'research'. When I'm not 'researching', I like to watch TV, go on walks by the river, and will do anything for a Vanilla Cold Brew from Tim Hortons. I look forward to 'hopefully' meeting as many of you as possible, and interacting with you on all of the EBSS social media platforms! I promise I don't bite, so if you ever have any questions about events, or anything the EBSS is doing, or have suggestions on what you'd like to see from us this year, DM us on Instagram or Facebook @edwardsbss!

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Public Relations Director

Hey! My name is Callie and I am this years Public Relations Director, In other words I'll be the one bothering you with weekly newsletters. I am in my third year at Edwards and I am majoring in accounting. Although, I have additional work experience working in finance and credit. I am very analytical so I enjoy math based subjects. I also write the newsletter for YWIB and I will be starting my Co-op placement in January hopefully at a firm so I can work towards my CPA designation. I am from Calgary too but I enjoy Saskatoon for its small city feel and it is easy to get around in. Some fun facts about me is that I'm an avid fan of Criminal Minds (and MGG), I love pickles and iced tea, I love both cats and dogs, and I have a crippling shopping addiction. In all seriousness, don't be afraid to say hi! I love meeting new people and am always happy to make a new friend,

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Marketing Engagement Director

Hey, I'm Daryl (he/they) and I'm this year's Marketing Engagement Director. I'm a 4th year marketing student and I'm currently working for OUTSaskatoon! This is my first time in EBSS but I'm so excited to be here! To get to know me more, I will end with a game of 2 truths and a lie! 1) I have been in over a dozen clubs on campus. 2) When I was 5, my brother convinced me that rabbit poops were cocoa puffs and I ate them (tbh they weren't that bad). 3) I have 11 tattoos.



Marketing Engagement Representative

Hey everyone! I’m Marlyse, and I’m super excited to be one of this year’s Marketing Engagement Reps! As a third-year accounting major, I am presently seeking a co-op placement, with plans to complete a study abroad term afterwards. Growing up, I lived on a grain farm near Colonsay, SK, which I love going home to visit while I avoid studying! Some other things I love are hiking, country music, Taylor Swift, the Mamma Mia movies, lane swimming, and travelling. I am super excited to get to see people in person again this school year!

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Marketing Engagement Representative

Hey Edwards! My name is Amisha Jain and I am so excited to be back for round two on the EBSS as one of the Marketing Engagement Representatives! As a third year HR major I am ready to be your unnofficial therapist and lawyer at all times. I am also one of the Co-Captains for Edwards JDCW Team Sasky and am excited to lead the team along with my co-captain towards the gold for Edwards come January! Apart from school I binge watch friends, am a dance teacher, and huge yoga enthusiast! Myself and the Marketing portfolio are so excited to connect with all of you this year (hopefully in person!) Cheers and see you all soon!



Marketing Engagement Representative

Hopefully whoever is reading this has the ability to decipher through 80+ names of people, but thankfully my name is on here twice! I am Hailey Dmytrow, a fourth year marketing student, the Co-president of the Marketing Student Society, the student liaison for the Edwards Experiential Learning Initiative and the Edwards Wellness Sub-Committee. Back by popular demand, this is my second year on the EBSS and the marketing portfolio as a marketing engagement rep. Basically, I am one of the podcast hosts, which means I'll finally have a platform to talk everyone's ear off. I am also a huge fan of greek mythology, painting, cooking, sleeping and all things activism - I am a feminist, an ally for all people who feel intersectionally marginalized, and marginalized myself. I am a profound believer that issues, such as mental health, should be talked about in an open and welcoming manner. I am diagnosed as Bipolar II and I am totally open and willing to talk with anyone who needs help, and help guide anyone in the right direction towards proper help. If anyone ever needs someone to listen to, ask questions, or simply have a chat about any and everything, feel free to reach out to me! Not only am I an active member in Edwards, but I am actively looking to help the people in my community.