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A tiny family of marketing students looking to enhance the experience of other business students on campus. Intense creativity and hard work are what we're all about - follow along and join the fun.


Emily Mamer

MSS Co-President

Hey Everyone! I am Emily Mamer (she/her) and I am third year management student. I am originally from Melfort, Saskatchewan but have moved to Saskatoon for school. This is my second year on the EBSS and MSS. Being involved on the marketing portfolio as well as the MSS allows me to be creative and do what I love! I am so excited for what this year will hold for both groups! When I am not working on school, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, going out, cooking, and working towards a health lifestyle. I hope everyone has a great school year and if you ever have questions to please reach out!

Vince Ocampo

MSS Co-President

Hey, it's me again, Vince as one of the Co-Presidents of Marketing Students' Society for this school year. At MSS, we aim to provide events that would benefit students, the club, the college and the local community of Saskatoon. MSS is a safe space for everyone regardless of your major (plus points if you're a marketing major lol) and further long-lasting connections within its members. So if you have any question about life, what major to choose, I will try my best not to be biased but you can always talk to me. Feel free to reach out to MSS at, or follow us on Instagram @edwards.mss and on Facebook @'Marketing Students' Society.'

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