Jeana Myers

Hello Edwards Students!

My name is Jeana Myers, and I could not be more grateful for the opportunity to be your President of the Edwards Business Students’ Society (EBSS) for the 2021/2022 school year.

The EBSS exists to represent and work on behalf of all the students of the N. Murray Edwards School of Business to supplement the university experience with a diverse number of social, academic, athletic and charitable events throughout the school year, including but not limited to LB5Q, Edwards Formal, the Edwards Case Competition, our TASTE Program and Fit 4 Charity. Every year our team of passionate students are driven to provide our students with the most beneficial opportunities possible. This year will certainly be no different! Our dedicated and innovative executive team and our enthusiastic general council are looking forward to offering the students of Edwards so many wonderful opportunities throughout the 2021/2022 school year.

I joined Edwards after graduating from Saint Joseph High School right here in Saskatoon. I immediately began to look for ways to become involved with the school and that is how I became involved with the EBSS. My first position was on the Marketing Portfolio as a Social Media director, from there I moved to the Charity Portfolio where I was a Charity Events Director. Last year I had the amazing opportunity to serve as the Vice President Academic and this year I am pumped to be your President! When we are back on campus, you can find me hanging out un the EBSS office or studying and chatting in the Moeller Resource room! Until then, I tend to spend my time hanging out at local coffee shops reading and doing homework! I always love chatting with the students of Edwards so if you ever see me, please stop by and say hey, or feel free to engage with me on any social medias!! 😊

The EBSS is a non-student levied group that exists to create value for every single student at Edwards. I sincerely encourage everyone to attend the events that interest you as it is a great way to find like minded individuals and create relationships with the many fantastic business partners that we have.

I am excited for great year that is ahead of us and I wish you all the best in your endeavours!


Jeana Myers
EBSS President



Executive Assistant

Oh hey there! My name is Lukas Cowan and this'll be my 5th year on the EBSS (yes i know, but trust me 5 year degrees are the new ish) I'll be the person who monitors our email so if you have any questions about ANYTHING EBSS or Edwards, email me the deets (or just message me). We have a killer council this year, and an unreal Presidential portfolio.

Anna Tang Headshot.JPG



SWOT analysis of Anna Tang:

Strengths: can still fit her hands in Pringles tubes
Weaknesses: lactose intolerant but in denial about it
Opportunities: will never turn down a hug (once we're both vaccinated)
Threats: you better have a good day today... or else

Anna used to be a phys-pharm student, but then she went blind in one eye during a chem lab. She took that as a sign from the universe to switch into accounting, regained her vision, and has never looked back. This will be her fourth year on the EBSS before graduating this spring, and no, she's not crying as she's typing this out, what are you talking about? When not eating instant coffee by the spoonful in her kitchen, you can find Anna sending love letters to her friends, writing for literary arts journals, and relentlessly teasing her teenage brother. Despite enjoying the linear beauty of spreadsheets, she still hopes to one day pursue her dream of being a wandering minstrel.