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Reilen Venaas

Hello Edwards! My name is Reilen Venaas and I am the Vice President Social for the coming year (AKA VP Fun). A little about me, I am entering my 4th year as a marketing major and this is my 3rd term on the EBSS. When I'm not stessing over school, I typically enjoy just general vibing, getting active and going out with friends. For those who don't know me that well I am kind of a joker (joker? i hardly know 'er). Very open to making new friends and trying new things! I am looking forward to getting to meet a lot of you at some of our upcoming events! (COVID depending) so feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions EBSS related, or just life in general!

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LB5Q Director

Hello lovelies! My name is Madelyn Rawlyk, this is my second term on the EBSS, and I am one of the LB5Q Directors this year! As the coolest council member, I take my duty to plan an awesome event (covid-depending) very seriously. A few things that make me the best: 1) third year marketing major (marketing >>>), 2) can recite Shrek 2 line by line (for real), and 3) future standup comedian (Netflix doesn't know about me yet but they will soon). In addition to the EBSS, I am also involved with Edwards through JDC West as Team Sasky's VP Events (social+) and as an academic delegate for the international business (IB! IB! IB!) team. When I'm not dedicating time to these groups, I am teaching and learning Ukrainian dance (catch me dancing in the hallways). Extroverted to the max and socially starved after a year in a global panini, I am beyond excited to plan events this year for students to connect, socialize, and celebrate life once again!

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LB5Q Director

Hi Everyone! My name is Brianna Barclay, I am a third year managment major and I am so pumped to be on the social portfolio for the EBSS this year! Last year, I was on JDC West, on the debate team. This year I am becoming more and more involved at Edwards by being one of the LB5Q Director's on the EBSS and on the IBSS as the Podcast Director. I am so excited to start planning LB5Q when we can, depending on Covid restrictions but excited to plan some other events in the mean time! Other than studying and being apart of all these amazing groups, I like going for walks with my doggie and meeting new people. I am a social butterfly and that is why I am here on the social portfolio! Can't wait to see what this new school year brings, and I am optimistic we will see a better year than last year! (Even though I don't think it will be too hard to top)

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Formal Events

Hey everyone! I’m Allie, a 4th year operations management major, and second year member of the EBSS. I love Edwards and am super excited to be more involved with the college as one of this year’s Formal Event Directors. I grew up in North Battleford (you’re jealous I’m sure) and now love living in Saskatoon! My favourite things in life include watching the same 2 shows on Netflix over and over, following rules, any outdoor activity, London fogs, Wild Ones by Flo Rida, and going out for supper with friends. I also have a huge interest in politics, so if you ever feel like talking politics or current events, I’d love to chat! I’m really looking forward to hopefully seeing all of your friendly faces in the college again, but on-campus or not, I can’t wait to see many of you attending our events throughout the year!

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Formal Events

Howdy Edwards! My name is Alexandra Vance but please please PLEASE call me Ali. Seriously, Alexandra does not fit my outrageous personality. I am going into my 3rd year at Edwards with a major in marketing. This is my first year on EBSS and I am super pumped to make contributions and help out my amazing team! This year I am one of the Formal Events Directors (we love to see an Allie squared ) and I can’t wait to get everything rolling and set up some killer events for y’all. In my spare time I tend to play way too much Hannah Montana, garden with my momma, and come up with ridiculous farm animal names; Shrek, Mamma Mia, and Cluck Norris are a few of the my favorites. I am looking forward to seeing all of your lovely faces on campus this fall! If anyone has any questions about EBSS or wants to have a quick chat feel free to reach out to me!

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Social Events

Hi everyone! My name is Paige Thompson and this is my third year on the EBSS (second year as a Social Event Director). I'm a fourth year Management major because I cannot make a decision to save my life and I think general knowledge is important. I love watching and playing every sport that I have come across, and I plan to work towards a career in the sports industry. After planning and hosting virtual events for Edwards last year, I am excited at the prospect of planning in person events for 2021/22 to some capacity. I also hope that the Huskie Athletics are able to compete again because I seriously miss the atmosphere of our women's basketball team bringing home the Canada West title on home soil. Excited for the upcoming year!

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Social Events

Hi Edwards! My name is Lesia (pronounced les-ee-ah) and my pronouns are she/her. I am absolutely thrilled to be one of the Social Events Directors for the EBSS this year! This year will be my second year on the EBSS, and my third academic year at Edwards. A Human Resources major, I am also involved with JDC West as a Not-for-Profit delegate and VP Charity, the IBSS as an Events Coordinator, and the HRSS as an Academic Coordinator. In my spare time you are likely to find me cross-stitching, kickboxing, watching The Office, or jamming out to One Direction in my car. This year on the EBSS, I hope to cultivate meaningful relationships with students across Edwards, as the friendships you make are the best part of university (to me, anyway). I, along with the rest of the social portfolio are soso excited to coordinate virtual, in-person, and/or any format of events the world may throw at us! Hope to see you all in the halls next year!

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Athletic Director

Hey everyone! My name is Jordan and I’m super excited to be joining the EBSS crew as Athletic Director. I am currently in my third year at Edwards as a marketing student, and as you probably have guessed, I’m very passionate about promoting health and wellness through physical activity. I love participating in rec sports, getting outside for a bike or hike, and then balancing it all out with a good yoga practice. I’m also a huge nerd who loves Star Wars, super heroes and video games. I wish you all the best this year and I look forward to seeing all of you around campus and at Huskie sporting events! Cheers!