Mining                    Competition 

The World Mining Competition brings together commerce and engineering students to compete in a team of 4 at Canada’s First Undergraduate Mining Strategy Case Competition. This 4-day competition allows students to work on a case that represents a theme prevalent within the current issues in the mining sector. If the multi-disciplinary case isn't already exciting enough - the competition structure also includes academic challenges, and two galas. The World Mining Competition provides students with a great way to get exposed to the mining field and relevant people in the industry. Previous judges and keynote speakers include the CEO and CFO of Cameco, CEO and CFO of PotashCorp, Partners in Natural Resources from KPMG, the CEO of K+S Potash, and many more.

Competition Format

The competition is comprised of the mining case presentation and two unique mining related academic challenges. The scores given from the case presentation and one of the challenges will be used to determine the competition winner. Teams will have a 36-hour resolution period to complete the mining industry case.


During this 36-hour period, teams will develop a solution to the situation discussed in the case. After the 36-hour period, teams will present their solutions to the judges in a 'Texas-style? presentation. In a Texas-style presentation, presenters are given protected time (no questions) at the beginning and end. Judges are free to ask an unlimited amount of questions during the unprotected period in the middle section of the presentation.


  • 25% Problem Identification & Analysis

  • 25% Strategic Recommendation

  • 30% Implementation

  • 20% Question & Answer Management, Delivery & Presentation

During the preliminary round of presentations, the total presentation score, as established using the above criteria, will account for 90% of the team's score for the purpose of determining which teams qualify for the final round. The remaining 10% will result from the scores from Challenge One. During the final round of presentations, the total presentation score will determine the rank for the final teams. In addition to the scoring breakdown above, the judging panel will value innovative solutions to the problems presented in the case. However, innovative solutions must also be feasible.